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At Da Ricardo’s we strive to give our guests a variety in food choices from our homely menu of delicious international theme cuisine. Da Ricardo’s caters for all occasions; our menu offers guests either a comfortable and warm dining experience or a quick takeaway option.

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Kids Party Venues Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Da Ricardo’s is classed as a family restaurant, so of course kids are always welcome. What you may not have known already is that Da Ricardo’s is one of the most awesome kids party venues in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs

What makes it especially cool is that unlike in our regular restaurant area where you should always try to behave as well as you can, in our party rooms it’s okay to go a little crazy if you want. 

So, what are we talking about? Well, let’s think about what’s important in kids party places. We think party venues for kids should make fun the number one priority. And safety, of course, cos it’s not much fun if you’re not safe, is it?

That’s why we put in extra effort to make sure kids parties hosted at Da Ricardo’s are totally fun to the max. There will be great party food that everyone’s gonna love. There will be cool music (we can play ours, or you can bring yours). Plus heaps of really fun activities.

It’s the fun that makes the difference in a Kids Party Venue

It’s because we know how to make kids parties that are fun, we’re now ranked among the best kids party venues in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. But of course kids come in a range of ages, sizes, and stages of maturity, which is why we don’t just have some generic kids party theme that we pull out of a box somewhere.

We custom tailor every party so it will be super fun whether you’re four or fourteen. If you take the time to let us know a bit about yourself and what you’re into, we’ll be able to make your party even better. 

When it comes to venues for kids parties, Da Ricardo’s is hard to beat. We we make sure to provide a fun time in a safe environment. 

Da Ricardos’ Kids Party Venues in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs makes life easier for parents too

Unlike some other Melbourne eastern suburbs kids party venues, we don’t forget about parents. Because our kids parties are supervised, that means parents can relax, being as involved or uninvolved in the proceedings as they wish.

With over 12 years of experience, hosting up to 300 parties per year, we have certainly cracked the formula for how to do it right. From initial planing through to the big clean up job that always entails, we give 100% effort, and it shows.

That big clean up job, by the way, is the best reason to justify not hosting the party at home. We simply take all the hard work out of the task, so everyone can have a great time without putting in any effort. 

Let us take care of the hard stuff while you focus on relaxing and having fun. We don’t mind, because that’s our job. And seeing you leave happier than when you arrived is what makes it all worth it.

One of the Best Choice for Kids Party Venue in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

If you have been looking around at the various options for kids party venues in Melbourne eastern suburbs, the right choice is very easy. Da Ricardo’s restaurant in Croydon provides fabulous parties for kids of all ages. We know how to make sure everyone has a great time, including any adults who tag along to watch the proceedings.

The attribute that really makes Da Ricardo’s stand out among Melbourne eastern suburbs kids party venues is that we actually know how to throw a party.

The elements of a good party are:

  • Good food in sufficient quantity, which must be interesting and tasty, but not weird or gross (because it’s a kid’s party… definitely not the place for “artichoke hearts in a lime and mustard dressing”).
  • Refreshing drinks, again in sufficient quantity. The problem with a lot of parties is they are under-supplied, so kids end up having to ration things out or somebody does not get their fair share. That never happens at Da Ricardo’s.
  • Good music which is age appropriate.
  • Fun activities and entertainments.
  • Adequate and appropriate adult supervision.

Hassle Free Kids Party Venue in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Da Ricardo’s is a family-oriented restaurant. When it comes to kids parties, our focus is on making sure everyone has an enjoyable and safe time.

One of the better things about hosting your kids party at Da Ricardo’s is we don’t forget about you. You’re included in that “everyone” reference above, so we want you to be safe and to enjoy yourself, too.

There are a few things we can do to help make it easier to plan your kids party. When you make your booking we can:

  • Assist with suggestions and booking of children’s entertainers or other live acts
  • Help organize a party theme, complete with designer interior decoration if you would like to create a special environment for your party
  • Discuss suitable menu items and party food to be provided at the party
  • Organize cakes or other special items in advance
  • Discuss with you any special dietary needs, food allergies, etc, that may need to be prepared for in advance of the party
  • Discuss any special preparations or facilities required for the assistance of any child or adult guests with a physical disability, so that the appropriate arrangements can be made to ensure safety and accessibility for the guest.

Properly planning in advance means less chance for anything to go wrong, which in turn means a more enjoyable party experience. In this way, every possible problem has been anticipated and circumvented, while aesthetic considerations have been given due attention from an early stage in the preparations.

Da Ricardo’s is easily one of the best kids party venues in Melbourne eastern suburbs, and you will be sure of providing the best party by hosting it at Da Ricardo’s.

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Da Ricardo’s is the perfect function venue in Croydon that acts as a stunning wedding venue as well as the perfect Kids Party Venue in the Eastern Suburbs. So check out Da Ricardo’s Eastern Suburbs Function Rooms for all your venue hire requirements.

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Da Ricardo’s is fully Licenced with an extensive wine collection and BYO wine only also available for those times where only your favourite wine will do. We have a great team of staff including our family that are always friendly and inviting.

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