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At Da Ricardo’s we strive to give our guests a variety in food choices from our homely menu of delicious international theme cuisine. Da Ricardo’s caters for all occasions; our menu offers guests either a comfortable and warm dining experience or a quick takeaway option.

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South Melbourne Function Venues

When it comes to south Melbourne function venues, Da Ricardo’s of Croydon is hard to beat. We have invested so much into becoming one of the best function venues in the region, and our name is now synonymous with exceptional service and value. 

The same guiding principles that have made our restaurant such a massive success are applied to our function rooms as well. Our approach is to be reasonable in our pricing, friendly and professional in our service, and to always pay attention to detail.

We don’t compromise on quality, and our regular customers appreciate this. As a result our restaurant business is consistently filled to capacity nearly every night.

Now, there are certainly plenty of cheap function venues in south Melbourne, but they don’t all provide good value to their customers. Da Ricardo’s stands out from the rest by aiming to always add as much value into our service as possible, and that is why we’re considered as one of the best function venues in Melbourne’s south.

Best Choice Function Venues in South Melbourne

Catering for functions is available through our on-site restaurant. You can tailor down our menu to fit your requirements and help keep your event running smoothly. We can provide any advice you need to help you make the right choices.

Finding enough variety certainly won’t be a problem, as we have a good mix of international cuisines, and plenty of options.

On the menu you will find steak, chicken, fish, seafood, pasta, risotto, curry, and even some more exotic choices like saltimbocca and venison. To top it off there is a range of desserts such as sticky date pudding, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, affogato, crème caramel, and crepe suzette.

There are choices suitable for vegetarians and vegans. If anybody in the group has food allergies or other special dietary requirements, please be sure to let us know.

South Melbourne’s Fully Licensed Function Venue

We are also a licensed venue, so alcohol service is available until 11pm. If you’d like to include alcohol service in your function, then let us know and we’ll discuss the different options available so you can choose how you want to incorporate it into your function plan.

Your guests will have no problems finding a place to park, as there is an abundance of parking all around us. From the massive car park at the Eastfield Mall across the street, to the mid-sized parking lot on the corner, to simply accessing a vacant space in the adjoining side streets, there are always enough places available. 

Da Ricardo’s is the perfect choice for hosting your function. If you’re not feeling sure, why not come and have lunch or dinner at the restaurant and see for yourself why we’re so popular? This is a great way to get a preview of what to expect from us in terms of value, service, and quality. We know you won’t be disappointed.

Need a Function Venue in South Melbourne

If you’re looking in South Melbourne for function venues, why not travel a little and come to Da Ricardo’s in Croydon?

Yes, we’re a little spin from the function venues in South Melbourne but we promise that the experience you have with us will be so much better than you can find elsewhere.

So what makes us one of the best function venues in Melbourne, south, west, north, or east?

  • It could be that we provide so much space, since we have standing room for up to 200 people, and up to 170 seated guests. But there are some function venues in South Melbourne that are larger, so it’s not that.
  • Another possible reason is the excellent service we provide. That’s not a bad bet, because it’s still sadly true that some businesses don’t know how to provide good service.
  • Perhaps it’s the food. We have a huge selection of foods for guests to choose from, and they’re all prepared to excellent standards. We get compliments about the food all the time, so it is definitely a strong possibility for why people are willing to travel so far to visit us.
  • It could even be the state of the art function space to host your live entertainment or a DJ for any special occasion

 Much More than a Function Venue in South Melbourne

We’d have to guess the smart money is on it being a combination of all these features, because none of these things alone would be special enough, but when you put them all together it adds up to an exceptional function venue experience.

Parties and other special events truly are a pleasure at Da Ricardo’s and we go out of our way to make sure they are. This is why so many people will go out of their way to host their event our way.

As one of the most popular function venues with South Melbourne residents, we appreciate the loyalty of our many thousands of patrons, and it’s always a joy to see them come back again.

Da Ricardo’s is a family-run restaurant made with families in mind, which is why even though every night at Da Ricardo’s is a special night, it still feels just as comfortable as visiting somebody’s home.

Whatever kind of event you have in mind for your function whether it be a wedding, engagement party, birthday or any special occasion you can make it more special at Da Ricardo’s. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Da Ricardo’s is the perfect function venue in Croydon that acts as a stunning wedding venue as well as the perfect Kids Party Venue in the Eastern Suburbs. So check out Da Ricardo’s Eastern Suburbs Function Rooms for all your venue hire requirements.

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Great food. Great company.



Da Ricardo’s is fully Licenced with an extensive wine collection and BYO wine only also available for those times where only your favourite wine will do. We have a great team of staff including our family that are always friendly and inviting.

Da Ricardos Function Room

Funtion room available!