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At Da Ricardo’s we strive to give our guests a variety in food choices from our homely menu of delicious international theme cuisine. Da Ricardo’s caters for all occasions; our menu offers guests either a comfortable and warm dining experience or a quick takeaway option.

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Function Venues Melbourne South East

Da Ricardo’s is one of the most popular function venues in south east Melbourne. Our friendly service and commitment to providing genuine value are just the start of what makes us so special among function venues in Melbourne’s south east

We are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service, and our positive “can do” attitude means you’ll never need to worry about your event coming up short.

Why Choose Da Ricardo’s for a Function Venue in South East Melbourne?

Whatever you need, just let us know and we will find a way to make it happen. It is our job to make sure your event has everything necessary to provide a perfect experience for those attending, and it’s a job we take pride in.

Full catering is available for your event, and this is one of the best reasons to choose Da Ricardo’s for your venue hire in south east Melbourne. Our restaurant is nearly always filled to capacity most nights of the year, and this is because we have become famous for providing terrific value.

Work with our manager to create a custom tailored menu that will best suit the needs of your event. We have so many tempting meals on offer that deciding which ones to leave out will be the toughest choice you have to make. 

Among the many options available include:

  • Mouth-watering steaks, seared and sizzled to perfection
  • Fresh fish and succulent seafood
  • Delicious classic al dente pasta dishes
  • Rich, creamy risotto in vegetarian, chicken, and seafood varieties
  • Sri Lankan inspired curries with wonderful aromatic spices
  • Melbourne’s favourite chicken classics
  • For more adventurous choices, try Saltimbocca Alla Romana or grilled venison

We also offer a wide range of truly indulgent desserts, providing the perfect way to finish off a satisfying meal. Da Ricardo’s is licensed to serve alcohol until 11pm, so it’s also possible to enjoy wine or beer with your meal. Or without a meal, of course.

Rooms can be decorated and arranged to your specifications, or you can elect to undertake this task yourself. There are other ways we can help, including providing background music for you. If you want to bring in your own music collection, or arrange for a DJ service, this is also possible.

Music tracks stored on a smartphone can be synced to our audio system, allowing you to play your favourite music to the whole room. 

Ample parking is available in the surrounding area, with places available in side streets, a mid-sized parking lot on the corner, and plenty of spaces in the Eastfield Mall located across the street from Da Ricardo’s.

Famous Function Venue in South East Melbourne

There are many function venues in south east Melbourne to choose from, but really only one name that stands above the rest. Da Ricardo’s of Croydon is the elite function venue you are seeking.

Housed inside a restaurant that is a local favourite and famous throughout Melbourne, the function room at Da Ricardo’s has everything you need to make your event successful.

Consistently rated by satisfied customers as one of the best function venues in Melbourne’s south east, Da Ricardo’s is committed to providing outstanding service, top quality catering, and the most helpful inclusions.

Food at Da Ricardo’s is provided by our expert chefs who have trained in preparing delightful meals sourced from cuisines all around the world. We have everything from Sri Lankan curry to Tasmanian salmon, so whatever your tastes and preferences may be, Da Ricardo’s will have something to suit you.

There are very few function venues in Melbourne’s south east providing on site catering, but even among those who do, none match us for the sheer range of choice we provide.

Some of the food choices available for your guests will include:

  • Classic Aussie favourites like eye fillet steak, porterhouse steak, venison, and mixed grill.
  • Hearty country dishes from Italy, including Saltimbocca Alla Romana, pasta, risotto, and many other traditional favourites.
  •  A wide variety of chicken dishes inspired by Thai, Mexican, Italian, and Austrian cooking styles.
  • Healthy and delicious Sri Lankan style curry dishes.
  • Wonderfully fresh fish and seafood, prepared in many different ways, but always with a perfect result.
  • Incredible desserts, the perfect way to bring the meal to a close.

The Best Function Venues in South East Melbourne

What you see listed above is just a small sample of the full range of what is available at Da Ricardo’s. The best strategy is to come and try the food for yourself before you book your function with us, because we know you will love the quality.

Whatever it takes to make your event a success, we will put in every effort and leave nothing to chance. Rely on Da Ricardo’s for a wonderful event that you will always remember for the very best of reasons.

There are no other Melbourne south east function venues like Da Ricardo’s so come and give us a try. Once you have tasted the food and experienced the service we provide, you will be sure to host your event with us. See you soon at Da Ricardo’s.

Get in Touch to Hire Our Function Venue in South East Melbourne

 When you are thinking about venues for functions, always remember Da Ricardo’s, the best of the function venues in Melbourne’s south east.

Da Ricardo’s is the perfect function venue in Croydon that acts as a stunning wedding venue as well as the perfect Kids Party Venue in the Eastern Suburbs. So check out Da Ricardo’s South East Function Rooms for all your hall hire requirements.

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Great food. Great company.



Da Ricardo’s is fully Licenced with an extensive wine collection and BYO wine only also available for those times where only your favourite wine will do. We have a great team of staff including our family that are always friendly and inviting.

Da Ricardos Function Room

Funtion room available!