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At Da Ricardo’s we strive to give our guests a variety in food choices from our homely menu of delicious international theme cuisine. Da Ricardo’s caters for all occasions; our menu offers guests either a comfortable and warm dining experience or a quick takeaway option.

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Best Family Restaurant Croydon

Of all the restaurants in Croydon, Da Ricardo’s stands out as a top choice. Widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in the region, Da Ricardo’s is the perfect place for an intimate dinner, night out with the family, or special celebration. 

Why are we the right choice for you?

Our goal from the start has been to reinvent Da Ricardo’s as an excellent family restaurant in Croydon with superior food, service, and value for money.

Based on the excellent reviews we have earned and the many compliments we receive from satisfied customers, I believe this goal of creating an affordable restaurant with top quality Australian, Italian, and even Sri Lankan favourites has been very successful. 

We’re going to keep working toward making Da Ricardo’s even better. With tasty classic meals at reasonable prices, we’re already featured among the best Croydon restaurants, but there are many more exciting developments on the way.

Classic dishes served in a relaxed casual atmosphere

We have a good mix of international cuisine, but underneath it all is an Italian soul. In Italian culture, eating together is always about much more than just getting your daily nutritional requirements.

Meals are social events, where we have an opportunity to enjoy being together, in mutual appreciation for good food and great company. The relaxed atmosphere at Da Ricardo’s is perfect for making an occasion of any meal, and this is why people keep coming back for more.

Our philosophy is to provide simple, unpretentious food that is tasty and satisfying. We have created an environment where you can relax and enjoy sharing a meal the way meals are meant to be shared. 

Quality ingredients sourced directly from the supplier

Our insistence on quality and freshness of ingredients is a difference you can taste. The only way to be certain of always getting the freshest and best quality ingredients is to source them directly from the supplier, so that’s what we do. 

The advantage of this approach is that it allows us to consistently produce the best results. That means better value and tastier food.

For bigger occasions, we’ve got you covered as well

When you’ve got something to celebrate, celebrate in style at Da Ricardo’s. Separate from our main restaurant area, our function venue is perfect for parties, wedding receptions, and even business conferences. 

Treat your family to something special

It’s not difficult to see why so many people classify Da Ricardo’s as one of the best restaurants in the area. Certainly there are few restaurants in Croydon that offer such a wide range of choice and such exception value.

The welcoming atmosphere is also a big factor in our success, as we have always made it one of our primary goals to provide a true family restaurant for Croydon families to enjoy.

So many times you will go to an affordable restaurant that is labelled as a “family restaurant” when in fact what they really mean is a restaurant for kids where adult guests are tolerated. Other times, you will find places that simply don’t seem aware that there’s some considerable difference between kids and adults when it comes to how they like to dine.

Da Ricardo’s is refreshingly different. We’re all about service, and you’ll enjoy the same quality standards whether you’re 8 or 80, but just as importantly, we’ll be able to make recommendations that will be most suitable to you.

Everyone that comes to Da Ricardo’s should have a good time. That’s not a rule, it’s just the way we’ve designed things. It would be quite difficult to not have a good time, anyway, because you’ll be offered excellent food, fantastic service, and genuine value.

This is the way a family restaurant should be, and since the very beginning we have been leading the way for other Croydon restaurants to follow.

Why not turn your celebration into a party?

In addition to being a popular restaurant destination, Da Ricardo’s is also a function venue, and there is no better way to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, sports victory, successful business deal, graduation, or other special life event than with a party at Da Ricardo’s.

We’re a popular destination, so it’s always a good idea to make a reservation in advance if you can, but there’s always the chance you might be in luck with an impromptu booking. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as the saying goes.

As experienced hosts, we’ll ensure your guests are well looked after without getting in their way. Parties at Da Ricardo’s are memorable and enjoyable events that earn rave reviews and wonderful compliments from guests.

There is more than enough room at Da Ricardo’s for even very large gatherings, and the room can be configured in various ways to suit the type of function you are catering.

Da Ricardo’s is a very special place to celebrate the best moments in life, and create memories around those moments.

We look forward to welcoming you, whether it is for a casual dining experience, family celebration, or simply to make the most of an intimate conversation augmented with one of our tantalizing desserts and delicious coffee. See you soon!

Always great service and value

Come and meet our friendly staff and enjoy a fantastic meal at Da Ricardo’s in Croydon. We are always happy to see you, but since we do provide such excellent value, we’re usually catering to a full house. It’s best to book ahead to make sure we can fit you in. 

We look forward to welcoming you at Da Ricardo’s soon.

Da Ricardo’s is the perfect function venue in Croydon that acts as a stunning wedding venue as well as the perfect Kids Party Venue in the Eastern Suburbs. So check out Da Ricardo’s Eastern Suburbs Function Rooms for all your venue hire requirements.

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Great food. Great company.



Da Ricardo’s is fully Licenced with an extensive wine collection and BYO wine only also available for those times where only your favourite wine will do. We have a great team of staff including our family that are always friendly and inviting.

Da Ricardos Function Room

Funtion room available!